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Ductless Mini-Split AC Systems in Volusia and Flagler County

Ductless mini-splits AC systems have been around a long time, but they are a relatively new option to homeowners  for ac repair Flagler beach FL & Volusia County. So what is a ductless mini-split system? It’s an air conditioner and heater that heats and cools in an outside unit and then uses an interior mounted blower to distribute warm or cool air into the room. It functions in exactly the same way as a traditional split system except that because it uses a blower mounted in the room, it doesn’t require ducts. So it’s exactly what the name says: a ductless AC unit.
The benefits of installing a ductless AC system

Ductless air conditioner installation is very cost-effective to install because they do not require that large holes be cut in the walls, ceiling, or floor to install ductwork. They’re also perfect for rooms without a crawlspace or drop ceiling because they can cool a room with nothing more than a 2” diameter line running to an exterior unit. This makes them perfect for adding air conditioning and heating to an addition where the existing HVAC system can’t handle the load of the additional square footage. They’re also perfect if you are enclosing a porch or converting a garage. Often those applications will make it difficult or prohibitively expensive to run ductwork. A mini-split system can often be installed at a fraction of the cost of a traditional system in these instances.

Because the largest inefficiency in a traditional HVAC system is leaky ductwork, these systems are inherently more efficient by eliminating ducts altogether. Beyond that, ductless mini-split systems often have a higher SEER rating than traditional systems, making them even more cost-effective. Other benefits are that the systems are quiet and can be operated by remote control or wall-mounted thermostat (or both). It is also possible to install multiple interior units using only a single exterior unit.

Here’s a list of the benefits of going ductless:

  • Cost effective to install
  • Great for additions to your home
  • Extremely efficient (High SEER ratings)
  • Very quiet
  • Low profile and attractive interior units
  • Can be operated with a remote control or wall mounted thermostat
  • Interior units can often be concealed in ceilings and walls if desired
  • A single exterior unit can be used with multiple interior units

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All of our technicians are friendly professionals who are NATE-certified and factory trained. They have the knowledge and experience to make the best recommendations about which ductless mini-split systems will meet your needs and the best type of installation for the room(s) the unit will be heating and cooling. We also pride ourselves on providing more than a job for our technicians, all of our employees have a career with us. For that reason, some of our staff has been with us for over 20 years, and the average time our employees have been with us is over 10 years.

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Julian Bergman
Julian Bergman
Have used Koontz since I built my new home in 8/2006 and my daughter's. Worked with Chris Koontz to design system in my home- 2 units plus active returns in all bedrooms and 2 main returns. He is extremely knowledgeable and a great person to work for. His installers and techs are extremely knowledgeable and if they do not know the answer they are not hesitant to call the a/c vo. rep.for guidance. Hey just replaced 4 units in My home and my daughter. The office staff is always helpful.
Excellent and very quick response Thank you Jennifer, Jonathan, and Karen
Jacqueline Bodnar
Jacqueline Bodnar
We’ve used their services numerous times. They are always quick to respond, provide good service, and get us up and running. 👍🏻
Steve Kirschner
Steve Kirschner
Very professional. Identified the problem and then an appointment to fix it.
Lutheria Bell
Lutheria Bell
Been with this company for over 20 years. Friendly staff & timely response when called.
Bill May
Bill May
This company went above and beyond. I'd recommend them to anyone.

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