Air Conditioning Installation: Key-Factors to Take into Account

by | Dec 13, 2023 | HVAC

Whether you want to install a mini split AC system or a central air conditioning system, there are various air conditioning installation factors that you must consider. Air conditioners are the primary source of cooling and comfort in Flagler Beach, FL, households. 

A new air conditioner will ensure effective cooling and energy efficiency. However, apart from that, the installation process of air conditioning systems greatly influences their overall efficiency. Improper installation can result in dissatisfaction with the cooling performance of your AC system. 

Therefore, it is mandatory to hire an air conditioning service and repair professional to ensure adequate installation. At Koontz Heating and Air Conditioning, we have licensed and experienced professionals who can install your cooling system the right way. 

Without further ado, let’s get started with the tips that you must consider during air conditioner installation.

Choosing the Right Size AC System

Various air conditioner models are available these days, including split ACs, portable ACs, window ACs, and central air conditioners. Refer to the table below for an approximation of the most suitable unit for your space.


Size of the Room Tonnage
Around 400 square feet  2 ton
Around 250 square feet 1.5 ton
Around 200 square feet 1 ton
Around 150 square feet 0.8 ton

Cost of the Air Conditioning Systems

While it’s common to buy a pocket-friendly air conditioning unit to cut initial costs, investing in a costlier one proves more cost-effective in the long run. These units are more energy efficient and consume limited energy, reducing electricity bills.

However, DIY installation of bigger units, like central air conditioners, is strongly discouraged due to the potential risks. The installation cost and AC repair in Flagler Beach FL are quite reasonable.

An expert technician ensures the installation of all AC components efficiently. Moreover, take your budget into account when purchasing a new central air conditioner to make a well-informed decision.

Quality of the AC Unit

Although cost plays a significant role in selecting the right AC for your residential or commercial property, you must also consider the quality. 

The higher the cost of the air conditioner, the better the quality, ensuring excellent long-term performance. More expensive units will help save significant energy costs and provide efficient cooling.

Moreover, focus on the specifications of the unit. Determine whether you require a smaller unit for cooling a single room or a central AC unit to cool the entire house. Go for a system that doesn’t necessitate frequent investments in air conditioning service and repair.

Optimal Ductwork Functionality

Before air conditioner installation, make sure that the existing ductwork is in excellent condition. It’s also important to seal any joints to prevent cool air from escaping. Please note that old or inefficient ductwork can leak up to 20% of cool air.

You can easily address any duct-related problems by seeking help from a technician. Once the ductwork system is repaired, consider hiring a reputable company for the installation.

Buy an Energy-Efficient Unit for Cost Savings

As mentioned earlier, check the air conditioner’s specifications before purchasing. It is recommended to invest in an energy-efficient AC system. You must ask the technician about the Energy Efficiency Ratio, also known as EER, to identify the most efficient air conditioning unit.

The EER is the ratio of the cooling capacity (in British thermal units per hour to the power output (in watts). Typically, an EER rating ranges from 8 to 12. The higher the EER rating, the more energy-efficient your system will be.

It benefits your pocket and keeps your surroundings safe from harmful gases and heat, emitted by less efficient central AC systems. However, if your AC is not eco-friendly, it’s time to call for an AC service & repair company.

Quality of the Air

Manufacturers often issue pre-defined requirements for their most efficient systems to meet specific air quality standards. So, it is highly advisable to maintain the air quality in your household to ensure optimal cooling. To achieve this, opt for the best air conditioner repair services in your area to identify the most fitting and budget-friendly air quality control system. The experts also check the evaporator coil and ducts and fix them to prevent cooled air leaks. 

Durability of the Air Conditioning Systems

Invest in an air conditioner that doesn’t require frequent repairs. While regular maintenance is necessary for optimal performance, recurrent repairs can be detrimental to your unit.

You can find the ideal air conditioning model with a bit of research. Get recommendations from your friends, colleagues, and relatives regarding the models they have installed. Read online reviews of AC manufacturers with years of experience in selling durable AC units.

A durable and robust air conditioner guarantees long-term reliability and cost savings. Plus, the system should have a valid warranty.

Installation Specifications

  • Mount the unit at a height (usually 7 to 8 feet above the ground) where it can efficiently keep the room cool.
  • Ensure that the condenser is placed in a shielded area away from sunlight to prevent overheating.
  • Avoid hiding the AC system behind couches, sofas, or plants. It could directly mess with the ventilation. 
  • Ensure that the indoor evaporator coil of your system is placed safely.
  • Avoid installing near the trash can. It would make your room smell bad.
  • Manage the airflow effectively. It helps reduce overhead expenses.
  • Maintain cleanliness where the AC is installed to improve the unit’s overall functionality.

Additional components for your AC unit

You can enhance the functionality of your air conditioner unit with additional components. But before making any purchase, conduct thorough research and identify which equipment will go well with your system.

Take help from top AC installation services providers and ask them about the same.

One common example of an added component is installing a heat pump with your air conditioner. It allows you to use your AC as both a heating and cooling unit.


Although some homeowners prefer DIY installation, it’s not the best practice, especially when they are not expert technicians.

Proper installation will not only save you time and money but will also make sure that your house remains comfortable during the peak summer months. 

So, if you are looking for experienced technicians to help you with installation, contact Koontz Heating and Air Conditioning. We will guide you and ensure that the air conditioner you invest in is properly sized and energy-efficient for your home.